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Final stage

Allplan BIM Contest
The final stage

As all things come to an end, our the BIM Challenge Contest has reached its final stage. After filtering the projects we have selected 4 of them to enter the jury debate for the Grand Prize


All projects are made within Allplan Software and the online tasks across the country between contestants from the same team were managed via BIM Plus Portal.


In the final stage the projects have a unified Allplan project based on 3 major specialities: Architecture, Structure and Building Facilities. Each one had to comply acording to the final criterias.


During the jury debate, Nemetschek Romania has the honour to present to you the final 4 projects made by the competitors. You can see brief descriptions below and click the photo for more details.


Project 1
Damascus Triangle - Jerusalem, Israel

Located at the entrace in the Old City of Jerusalem, the project works as a mobility hub and aims to create connections between the three parts surrounding the site, but also subtle separations in order to maintain a mechanism which doesn't create conflicts. Today layers can still coexist, and the architectural solution combines those in a clearly manner.

Project 1
Project 2
House of Arts - Bucharest, Romania

From the first parochial courtyards in the town of Bucur, to the new rules of embellishment and new boulevards, many alterations had come around St. Gheorghe Vechi slum. Due to the lack of care for the monuments, the street frontlines are broken, buildings hidden in the inner courtyards are now exposed to the crowded streets. This project begins with the design of various courtyards (round, secret, garden and workshop) and is creating a sequence of different space through passages and alleys.

Project 2
Project 3
Touristic Hotel Resort - Calarasi, Romania

The premises for the project are the revitalization of the danubial shoreline of Calarasi, little steps at a time, in order to develop the tourism in Călărași city, using punctual, repeating interventions in key locations in the city. The studied area is a green natural zone with a large potential for
developing fishing and leisure tourism of the Danube in the city. It wishes to offer an experience that is protected from the loudness and chaotic life of the city, pushing the built elements closer and closer to the water edge and the adjacent beach line.

Proiect 3
Project 4
M Building - Constanta-Mamaia, Romania

Visioned as a high-rise hybrid building, innovative and sustainable, it implies a mixed-use of hotel-layout, vacation apartments and office spaces / business center. The complex design and theoretical approach make the building and important urban landmark. The architectural concept consists on dynamism by simplicity, making a subtle reference to a sail form [as a legacy for the Black See location]. [...] which creates an architectural composition that puts its impress on the seashore silhouette.

Proiect 4
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