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WINNERS - The BIM Challenge 2018

Art Center - Brasov, Romania


The project supports the landmark potential of the site within the area, presenting itself as a monoblock type tower located in the perspective axis and a functional bar of a lower height regime that aligns, at an urban level, with the rest of the buildings in the area. This follows the development trend of the area, starting with the curtain of massive elements at the level of the Council of Europe's park and ending with the concealed neighboring constructions. The proposed building consists of two adjacent bodies joined by a glazed connection space, which acts as a courtyard of light within the solution. The two buildings are designed so that they can function together, by serving functions of general interest, but also individually, each having the technical endowments and utilities for the proper development of the activity.




The jury appreciated the complexity and the quality of the architectural design, as well as the technical solutions for the engineering and the building facilities projects. The renderings and the presentation movie were also a big plus. Taking into consideration the values promoted by the BIM Challenge and its multidisciplinary character, what weighed considerably when judging the final projects was how the team functioned together. The way they coordinated their projects and how they managed the whole design process through Allplan Network Manager or the BIM Plus platform tilted the balance in favor of the Art Center Brasov project. 


The team won the grand prize of this year's edition, commercial licenses for all the members: Lumion for architecture, AX3000 for building facilities, SCIA Engineer and GEO5 for engineering. The award ceremony was held during the Annual BIM Seminar at Cheile Gradistei. The team had the opportunity to meet and network with some of the best specialists in the architecture, engineering and construction field in the country and also to show them their project. 


Architecture: Ioana Dumitru, Faculty of Architecture, UAUIM Bucharest

Engineering: Alexandru Vulcan, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, UTCB Bucharest

Building Facilities: Mihai Pavel, Faculty of Building Services, UTCB Bucharest

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