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What the BIM Challenge is about


The idea of this competition came up one night during one of our summer schools. Students from all over Romania and from across the borders, architects and engineers, young and not so young, joined us for one week of specialized intensive training. However, the best thing we accomplished, without even setting out for it, was creating the best interdisciplinary team in the country


One hundred and fifty people managed to find their common ground at the summer school, day and night, by sharing experience, helping each other and having fun together regardless of how different they were. 


Last year we were eager to do it again, but that time with a stake. We started looking for the best of the best to join the final teams taking their chances for the grand prize. We had already known how good you could be on your own and how much fun you could have together. What we wanted to see was if you could WORK GREAT TOGETHER and be part of the best BIM team!


We're now at the second edition. We all learned from last year's experience and we are proud of what we managed to achieve together: 4 interdisciplinary student projects, evaluated by our trainers and also professionals in the fields of AEC*, while the winning project was presented by the team at Nemetschek Romania's 25th-anniversary seminar


You are competing once more for a chance to join the final teams that will work on a COMMON PROJECT (architecture + structure + HVAC / urban planning + infrastructure).

Juniors will not be assigned to a team just yet, but you are competing for a prize and a chance to join this year's Summer School.

If however you're up for a challenge and you know you can work on a complex project with a team, no problem. You can register as a senior. 

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