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The BIM Challenge

Be Bold. Be Innovative. 

Be Memorable.

Be part of

the best BIM Team!

What the BIM Challenge is about


The idea of this competition came up one night during our last summer school. 

Students from all over Romania and from across the borders, architects and engineers, young and not so young, joined us for one week of specialized intensive training. However, the best thing we accomplished, without even setting out for it, was...

Highschool, 1st or 2nd year student
3rd, 4th year or MA student  


If you are
Pack your laptop and your flip-flops for the Summer School 2017!


It's time you join us for one week of work and fun in Constanta, between the 23rd and the 30th of July. You'll learn the basics or even become a pro in SCIA or Allplan, make new friends and enjoy the sun. You can learn more about this year's edition HERE.

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