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CÂȘTIGĂTORI - The BIM Challenge 2017 

Touristic Hotel Resort - Calarasi, Romania


The premises for the project is the revitalization of the Danube shoreline of Calarasi, small steps at a time, in order to develop the tourism in the city of Călărași, by using punctual, repeating interventions in key locations in the city. The studied area is a green natural zone with a large potential for developing fishing and leisure tourism on the Danube in the city. The resort aims to offer an experience protected from the loud and chaotic life of the city, by pushing the built elements closer and closer to the water edge and the adjacent beach line.


The jury appreciated the clarity of the design, thus the project scored equivalent points for all the specialties (architecture, structure and building facilities) resulting in the highest score. The metal structure stood out as a unique solution when compared to the other projects. What weighed in significantly was the collaboration part: the team managed not only to use the same software to finish the project but also to work on the same server, through the Allplan Network Manager and the BIM Plus platform for tasks and schedules. As the points added up, the BIM collaboration proved to be the definitory factor in the end.


The team won the grand prize of the BIM Challenge - a commercial license of Allplan 2017 for each member of the team. The awards were handed out at the Nemetschek Romania Annual Seminar, where our clients had the opportunity to meet the winners of the competition.  


Architecture: George Calin Teodor, UAUIM Bucharest

Structure: Lenard Ambrus, UTCN Cluj

Building Facilities: Mihai Pavel, FII-UTCB Bucharest

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